Passion Tax

Surcharge to Hardworkers

Contingency Plan!!! A what? This phrase was not new to me as it was introduced to me during my first semester in BBA. However, in a professional setting, I heard it first time first hand about 100 days back.

It was middle of the second week of March when Covid-19 had had become one real threat around theworld. Moreover, as an employee in a MNC, I could see some +/- hits already in our performance, especially in the revenue part.

A sudden department meeting call at a short notice gathered us all around our manager’s desk. There we had discussions about the ongoing situation threat and decided to take turns in staffing, like 50% this week and the other half the next week. Those not going to office will work from home. This made me excited and worried at the same time. Yet the former emotion was stronger as I like the idea of working at own flexibility.

Later detailed plans rolled out. I could hear similar updates from other departments too. Well, it started and the remaining days of that week I was one of them who went to office daily. The following week, on the first working day was the start date of of official lockdown for one week following multiple extensions which is still running.

Precisely since Friday, 20th March 2020, already 3 and a half month that I have been at home never missing work but workplace. Considering my previous experiences and prevalent work conventions, it was new. Yet I was quick to adapt and on my way to better adapt in the situation.

After this much of build up, let me come to the topic now:

Well, one of the things I loved about WFH is that you don’t have to travel and you can work at your own place. With this in mind, I ended up giving more time for work than I used to in the office. I was more productive than ever before as well. Wih this I had given up more of my personal time, which I could spend with myself and my family, to work levying a form of passion tax on myself.

Around 2 third of the period, I even got to stay with my whole family. It made me happier and I felt better that I was working as well meanwhile. I started working even harder albeit my productivity was not going higher. Thanks to the increased distractions at hometown. Regardless, I could surely tell that I was doing better than normally expected in such times.

Roughly I have worked around 7 working days equivalent of extra work during this phase with my own discretion. And to your surprise I don’t want any compensation for that as I am thankful for all the time I got to be with my loving family.

Now that I travelled back to the city and already served my 2 weeks self isolation phase here, I am pumped up to rejoin the workplace from tomorrow. I am so glad that I’m seeing my kind and supportive colleagues. Thanks to the IMs and social media that lept us connected during this phase.

In a nutshell, although I kept tax in the title, this essay is more about passion for work. If your employer supports your value, eventually it’s your duty to return the favor. And, staying connected with colleagues during hard times form a strong team that will last longer.

Finally, here’s a link to one of the best podcasts I’m regular to. This is amazing and so you are:

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Highway to Better Performance

Quite often we hear about the binary categorization of different aspects in life. Be it product or service, people say that quality and quantity if fulfilled to a certain level, anything is desirable and successful. However, this saying misses out on one very important factor needed to excel in any sector i.e. Sincerity.


When we see this, we directly direct our perception towards something mathematical which can be measured. So, in performance in any sort of job, the first thing sought after is how much work for how long the prospect can deliver to the employer. In other words, the measurable aspects of work like number of tasks, or hours and tenure any person can and likely to give for the company.

This factor is so directly linked with the company’s decision that often this becomes the sole determinant in employee appraisal. However, for cases like wage-based and piece-based works, considering only numbers maybe the wise choice. But for this scenario, there should have been some sort of standards established regarding the quality of work or product.


In the recent context, quality has been considered as equal counterpart to quantity, at least in words. The quality in our work indicates how well we are fulfilling the purpose of our jobs and are we improvising on the work related matters. For instance, it can be the way an officer writes email or contributes in work related conversations.

Like quantity, quality is also of an overt nature where the outcomes can be seen and compared to that of any counterpart. Moreover, quality of a job done can be equally important to that of the quantity if not more/less. Again, it is largely relative to the type of job.


Finally, the most sought after by employers and often overlooked by the employees, “Sincerity” is the paramount. Though sincerity in isolation is like the flappers without the whole aircraft. Just like flappers help airplane turn to the right direction and stabilize against turbulences in spite of their relative minority, sincerity takes a hustler thriving in the right direction.

Unlike the aforementioned two characters, sincerity is of covert nature which can only be felt by those who come in contact of the person with it. Sincere acts coupled with good quality work will get a person to great heights even if s/he fulfills just satisfactory quantity expectations.

So, let’s add one more element to our cliched mantra making them: “Quantity and Quality embraced with Sincerity.”

Vulnerability Paradox

How many times have you tired to build new habits, tried to express your feelings to someone you love and care about, or work on things that matter to you? For me, countless and I believe the same holds true for many of us. But what’s more important is, how many times that you succeed of fulfilled your plans and expectations? Proportionately, very few : again for me at least.

So, what’s the thing that’s holding us back from becoming the better version of ourselves? Although we think and dream about them most of the times, and are constantly draining our mental energies imagining the perks of our future selves, something is keeping us apart. Apart from putting on the work and effort that it takes to reach our goals. So, the culprit I am building up is VULNERABILITY.

So, based on all my plotting earlier, you may perceive vulnerability as your biggest weakness. But, the thing is, it’s not so. In fact, it is the strength and the major indicator of courage that gets you on the path towards your goal.

Let’s just for an instance, you are going to give a presentation in front of 1000 people the next. Can you imagine the anxiety and fear you might be dealing with now? That feeling is much relative based upon the presenter’s experience, and her personality type as well. So, most probably you successfully gave the presentation despite all the opposing thoughts and feelings. So, what made you do this? Well it’s your ability to being vulnerable and embracing it.

The people whom we recognize as achievers are those who are ready to be vulnerable and facing the shame if any induces during their hustle. Moreover, they have the ability to put their perspective into action despite their negative selves’ continuous opposition. So, being vulnerable gets us out of our comfort zones working on what it takes for reaching our goals. So, only those who acknowledge this and exploit the power of vulnerability gets to be the performers.

Gender stereotypes are likely to blur the picture though. Men are more likely to supress their vulnerabilities than their female counterparts which is a result of our social functionality. Our society expects females to express vulnerabilities due to the same mythical belief that vulnerability is weakness. So, as soon as you learn the power of vulnerability, the gender myth of females feeling more vulnerable automatically vanishes.

We generally hate about talking about our shame and insecurities because we are censoring ourselves from sounding weak. But, if we want to conquer our fears and insecurities, talking, noting, and dealing with them is the best thing do. It’s a psychological fact that materializing something and looking at them carefully will put light on the matter which with time will fade away. So instead of blindly dreading something, dive acknowledge them, and dive into them head first. Your futureself will thank you for being courageous and doing what it took to become better you.

Opting Sobriety

A Sober and Better Life

Drinking these days have caught many people than ever before in the history of mankind. Be it with our peer pressure, our habit/addiction, or even cultural values, people fall prey into choosing to drink intoxicating substances necessarily containing alcohol.

Let me introduce you a word “sober”, which is mainly used in contexts of color and contrast. However, it also means an state or an person without consumption of alcoholic beverages. So, what is the point of this intro here? Let’s find out.

A recent study revealed alcohol as the world’s most dangerous drug. Despite the hazardous drugs like cocaine and heroin, alcohol being badnamed like this seems pretty indigestible but this is the fact here. In a 2009 study, a group of British scientists ranked the dangers of harmful drugs with alcohol with 72 points out of 100 followed by heroin (55), crack (54), and crystal meth (33).

Similarly two years later, World Health Organisation released another report blaming alcohol as the cause of more than 60 diseases securing its place as the number one killer in the world. This is pretty alarming and infers directly that if we want to do something about public health, we have to work on reducing alcohol consumption.

Choosing not to drink have countless benefits. Clearer skin, healthier hair, better mood stability, regular sleep patterns and healthy social interactions are more common benefits among others. Moreover, going sober will help curbing bloodshot eyes, facial bloating, and flushed cheeks just to name a few.

Some people choose to become moderate drinkers and few succeed too, but the bad news does not end here. Even drinking to minimal quantities have bad health consequences. Alcohol is carcinogenic and as its attribute suggests, it promotes cancer in body cells.

I am not going to overlook the other side of the spectrum though. It’s when people try to justify their drinking behavior claiming some benefits of alcohol. Despite having few benefits like antioxidants, and body warming ability against cold, the hazards always outweigh the benefits. And, it is regardless the quantity of consumption. So, next time you want to validate your drinking, be sure you will never win.

Peer pressure has been found to be biggest culprit for boozing habits. And, our confirming attitude towards it makes us easily indulge in such bad habits even after knowing that such things are against the values of our families and our own. So, next time you feel caught up under peer pressure, remember one thing: confirm to friendship not intoxication. Make sure to try getting your friend out of best habits if you are really think you are a good friend. Who knows, your efforts maybe worthwhile someday.

Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee Beans

Sometimes the circumstances in life can be like pot of hot boiling water. Stress is coming from every single side and you just wanna jump out of it and start all over again or reboot yourself. However, it’s our decision the whether to be Carrots, Eggs, or coffee beans in that metaphorical boiling water.

As carrots after boiling after sometimes get softer, people get melted with harsh situations and decide to quit due to the development of the sense of failure and resignation. Some get hardened by the tough situations like eggs in the boiling water. Such people get stone-heartened and lose a joyful part of life blaming the tough situations in life. They have somewhat a higher tendency to ruin their lives by choosing ways to skip the harsh environment by opting for indulgence in drugs and alcohols.

So, what’s left among the three alternatives we have? Well, the best friend of a boiling water is non other than coffee beans. It is due to the fact that after boiling for up to an hour, the coffee beans turn the whole boiling water into real coffee. So, as this metaphor refers, we can change the whole environment into something much more desirable just by practicing our innate positivity.

So, to sum up, the next time you feel that you are facing some sort of adversities in your life, remember the story of the coffee bean. You will be better off just by taking things positively and finding hidden opportunities to explore your inner-self and strengths hidden inside you. You never know, you might transform a whole lot of thorny bush into flowery garden.

Uncountable and Countable Nouns

There are basically two kinds of nouns based on whether they are quantifiable or not. they are Countable and Uncountable nouns.


Countable Nouns

Things or nouns whose quantity can be counted in numbers are countable nouns.

Examples of such are,

  • Most physical and solid things like book, football, laptop, pen, stone, bottle, etc.
  • Grouping words like pair, bunch, team, club, herd, school, etc.
  • Words referring to small units of any noun such as piece, member, unit, part, organ, cell, ions, etc.

Uncountable Nouns

These are nouns which can not be expressed in terms of numbers unlike their counterparts, i.e. countable nouns.

For example, we can answer how many pens are there? But, it is inappropriate to ask how many waters are there? (we can’t place ‘s’ after any uncountable nouns neither can we put articles like ‘a’ and ‘an’ in front of them.)

So, it’s incorrect to write:

* There is an equipment in my office. Or,

* I have a lot of information’s’ about the US.

However, phrases like ‘piece’, ‘bottle’, ‘glass’, etc. can be used to denote the number of uncountable nouns.

For example,

  • There are lots of pieces of equipment out there.
  • It is a useful piece of information.
  • There is a bottle of milk inside the freezer.

Talking about using the appropriate grammar, here is a table to help you.

Countable and Uncountable{Please, note that the ‘……..’ refers to the respective nouns from the headings of the table.}